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Belt Furnace w/Oil Quench

Item Number: 5270
Manufacturer: Abbott Furnace Company
Category: Belt Furnace
Type: Belt Furnace w/Oil Quench
Heated: Electric - 78 kW
Model Number: 3ZSCR-6-T25-1750
Serial Number: AB293-12375-BUSA-1198 (manufactured in1999)
Max. Temperature: 1750°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/78 kW
Work Area: 6"W x 2"H x 60"L Heated
External Dimensions: Approximate, 5'W x 20' L x 84"H
Controls: The controls are enclosed in a free standing double door panel with fused disconnect switch. A Honeywell UMC 800 controller and operator interface, 3 Honeywell UDC 2000 high limit controllers, 3 SCR power controllers, DC motor drive along with motor starters, relays, and fuses. An atmosphere panel is included with Nitrogen and Methanol flow meters.
Description: This furnace has a mesh belt with 1" high side flights that travels through an alloy muffle in the furnace. The parts drop off the belt through a chute with an oil cascade into the quench tank. The parts are traversed by means of an oil injector pump into one of two manually dumped wire mesh baskets. An oil filter panel is also provided along with a SBS air to oil heat exchanger. The furnace is electrically heated over and under the alloy muffle. The furnace is lined with lightweight ceramic fiber. The furnace belt returns outside the furnace through a sealed chamber into a water trough.
** Rated at 65 lb. / hr.
Condition: Excellent
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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