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Solvent Rated Cabinet Oven

Item Number: 7262
Manufacturer: Grieve
Category: Cabinet
Type: Solvent Rated Cabinet Oven
Heated: Natural Gas - 400,000 BTU;s
Model Number: Modified HC-1250
Serial Number: 540021, Job #31770A1195
Max. Temperature: 1250°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/8 Amps
Work Area: 50"W x 50"H x 30"L
External Dimensions: 10'10"W x 11'H x 5'L - Shipping: 5'W x 9'H x 11'L
Controls: Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes a Powers Process Control model 357 digital temperature controller and a Grieve/Partlow series 1000 analog high limit. A Partlow ARC 4100 analog round chart recorder is mounted to the door of the enclosure. There are indicating lights with on/off switches for exhauster, blower, purged, heat etc. Eagle Signal analog process timer is also included. Honeywell flame safety is mounted on the burner.
Description: Two hinged doors with dual woven high temperature gaskets and "Brixon" spring tension latches for a good door seal. This oven has new gasketing. Stainless steel interior with an insulated floor.
Adjustable punched louvered side
wall air duct panels with 4 shelf brackets, 4 shelves are supplied with the oven. A "Incinomite" package typ burner fires into a plenum located above the work area. Belt driven high volume circulating fan is mounted through the side wall over the work chamber. Heated air is circulated in a horizontal pattern across the chamber for good uniform heating. A powered exhaust fan is mounted on top of the oven.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Clarkston, MI.
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