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Belt Conveyor Washer

Item Number: 7320
Manufacturer: R.G. Hanson
Category: Continuous
Type: Belt Conveyor Washer
Heated: Electric
Model Number: HBCW 18x16-6W-2R-E-RGBO-SS
Serial Number: 2001-117
Max. Temperature: N/A
Voltage: 460/6/60/120 Amps
Work Area: 18'W x 16"H
External Dimensions: 72"W x 76"H x 168"L
Controls: Mounted & wired in an enclosure attached to the washer includes:

- Main machine power disconnect

- E-Stops at each end & at control panel

- On/Off for control panel-enables tank heaters, wash pump, exhaust blower, rinse pump, blow-off, conveyor belt and belt speed control.
Description: - Heavy duty 304 SS construction 7 gauge
insulated tank.

- Removable upper housing for complete
access to interior

- Access doors for nozzle inspection

- Variable speed conveyor (2-10 fpm)

- Load/Unload Height 42"

- 10 H.P. regenerative blow off

- Oil coalescer

- Electronic Photo Eyes which shut-down when not loaded

- Main Tank 300 gallons, rinse tank 200

- 7.5 HP wash pump, 120 GPM, 40 psi

- 5 HP rinse pump, 80 GPM, 40 psi
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
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