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Inert Gas Cabinet Oven

Item Number: 7372
Manufacturer: Blue M
Category: Cabinet
Type: Inert Gas Cabinet Oven
Heated: Electric
Model Number: DCI-256-F-MP550
Serial Number: DCI-436
Max. Temperature: 662°F/350°C
Voltage: 240V/3/60/31 Amps/12 kW
Work Area: 25"W x 20"H x 20"L
External Dimensions: 46"W x 52"H x 36"L
Controls: Controls are mounted and wired in a convenient slide out console located directly under the work chamber. There is a Blue M Pro 550 digital programmable temperature controller and a Partlow Series 1000 high limit. A control power switch, cooling switch and process indicating lights are flush mounted to the front panel. Flow meter for the oven chamber. Chamber maintains a positive pressure to eliminate oxidation. Chamber pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. Main breaker switch is mounted to the right side of temperature control.
Description: Single door with 2 cam action latches for a good postive door seal. Silicon rubber door gasket and stainless steel interior with one (1) adjustable shelf bracket. One (1) shelf is supplied with this oven. Door limit switch
turns off power to heating elements. Coiled style heating elements, circulating fan and water cooling coil are located under the floor pan. Heated air is circulated horizontally across the chamber. Pressure relief valve on vent port on top of chamber. Manual is included with this oven.
Condition: Very Good - Tested
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
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