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Atmosphere Box Furnace

Item Number: 7393
Manufacturer: Thermcraft
Category: Box Furnace
Type: Atmosphere Box Furnace
Heated: Electric
Model Number: FBX-24-60-40-1R
Serial Number: 1413871/1 (2012)
Max. Temperature: 1650°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/50 kW
Work Area: 60"W x 24"H x 40"L
External Dimensions: 84"W x 84"H x 72"L
Controls: The control enclosure is attached to the right hand side. Eurotherm Nanodac programmable
temperature controller, Eurotherm digital high limit, selector switches for the control power and circulating fan and a computer interface are flush mounted in the enclosure. A flange mounted disconnect handle operates the fused disconnect switch. High limit contactor, Solid state power relays, motor starter, fuses etc. are mounted and wired inside the enclosure.
Description: Single hinged door with 2 toggle clamps to secure it. Door is fiber lined and seals tightly against the front breast plate. Furnace is fiber lined with heavy gauge rod style heating elements on both side wall and rear wall. A belt driven circulating fan is mounted through the roof and circulates heated air and inert atmosphere through the chamber for good uniform heating and atmosphere distribution. A hearth plate with side and rear guard supports the work load and protects the heating elements from damage. Nitrogen gas flow meter is located on the front. Nitrogen gas is introduced through the roof and also is piped into the terminal boxes to limit air from being drawn into the chamber.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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