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Integral Quench Furnace

Item Number: 7423
Manufacturer: Ipsen
Category: Internal Quench Furnace
Type: Integral Quench Furnace
Heated: Gas
Model Number: T-4 600 AGM
Serial Number:
Max. Temperature: 1850°F
Voltage: 460/3/60
Work Area: 24"W x 18"H x 36"L
External Dimensions: 5'5"w x 17'10"l x 11'8"h
Controls: Controls are mounted and wired in a separate enclosure. There is a Honeywell UDC digital temperature controller, high limit and strip chart recorder along with control switches and indicating lights.
Description: Standard Ipsen feed through design. The interior is refractory lined with 8 vertically mounted radiant tubes, 4 on each side. Burners fire into the radiant tubes from under the furnace. The roof mounted direct driven fan circulates the heat and atmosphere throughout the work area. The load is transferred into the quench area where it is lowered into the oil. There is a motorized agitator and a recirculating oil pump. The quench elevator is operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The furnace is rated for 600# per load.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
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