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Walk-In Oven

Item Number: 7430
Manufacturer: Precision Quincy
Category: Walk-In
Type: Walk-In Oven
Heated: Electric
Model Number: 43D-350
Serial Number: 13228
Max. Temperature: 350°F
Voltage: 208/3/60/73 Amps
Work Area: 55"W x 60"H x 30"L
External Dimensions: 80"W x 93"H x 36"L
Controls: Controls are mounted in a cabinet attached to the right side of the oven, there is a Honeywell UDC 2000 digital controller, a Partlow 1161+ digital high limit, heat & cool timers, and control switches for the fans and heaters. There are 2 banks of heaters with individual switches. Air flow safety switches
are provided for the circulating and exhaust fans. This oven is solvent rated and has a purge timer. A door limit switch cuts power to the elements when door is open.
Description: This oven has double swing doors and a silicone rubber gasket with double Brixon spring tension latches. The interior of the oven is constructed from Aluminized steel with 2 shelves and 2 adjustable shelf brackets. The heating elements and circ. fan are mounted in a chamber above the work area, the heated air is circulated horizontally across the work area through
adjustable punched louvers. The cart tracks in the floor are 2" wide on 37" centers. A powered exhauster is mounted on the top of the oven and a 3'' diameter fresh air inlet with slide damper is on the side.
*** This oven is rated for .32 GPH of Naptha / Toluene @ 250 F.
Condition: Very Good - Tested
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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