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Rotary Drum Washer

Item Number: 7434
Manufacturer: Jen Fab
Category: Continuous
Type: Rotary Drum Washer
Heated: Natural Gas
Model Number: 5 Stage Rotary Drum
Serial Number: 12302
Max. Temperature: 160°F, 230°F
Voltage: 460/3/80 Amps
Work Area: 24" Diameter
External Dimensions: 8'W x 6'H x 26'L
Controls: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 with Color HMI
Description: Equipped with:

Insulated Stainless Tanks

Wash Tank 325 Gallons 60” Long, HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.

Rinse Tank 270 Gallons 48” Long HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.

Rinse Tank 270 Gallons 48” Long HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.

Rust Prevent Tank 270 Gallons 48” Long, Heat 140 Deg. F. Operating Temp.

Dryer 64” Long, 230 Deg. F. Chicago Blower 3500 CFM

2” NPT Drains on all tanks

2” Overflow Drains Type all tanks

Drum Drive Hub City Gear Reducer 1 HP

Baldor Variable Speed 0-4 RPM

4 Clean-Out Hatches

Entire Top is Removable for Drum Access

Stainless Steel Chip Basket On Wash Tank

Steam Exhaust Fan 12” Tube Axial 2000CFM

All Stainless Steel Drain Headers with Stainless Steel Valves

Eclipse Gas Burner

8” Exhaust for Gas Burners

Filter Housing Stainless Steel Size #2

Filter Bag for Wash and RP Spray

Gusher Pumps 2 HP

(2) Coalscing Oil Separators Connected to

Rinse and RP Tanks with 15 Gallons with plastic air pump

Coalscing Oil Separator connected to Wash Tank 85 Gallon with SS Pump

Spray Piping All Stainless Steel

Gusher Pumps 1 HP Stainless Steel
Stainless Bag Filter #3 Bag In Wash Sprays with Pressure Gauges

Stainless Chip Basket in Wash Tank

Drum Specifications:

24” Diameter

Drum Material 11 GA. 304 SS

Perforated 11 GA. T304SS with 3/16” Holes on 5/16” Centers

Helix 14 GA 304 SS Rigidized 1ACC. 3½” High with 11” Spacing,

Continuously Welded & Ground Smooth

Tumblers: 1” Formed Angle 3 Per Revolution
Roundbar: ¼”0 Stitch Welded to the Top of Helix Through Wash Stage
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
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