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Atmosphere Belt Furnace

Item Number: 4946
Manufacturer: Holcroft
Category: Belt Furnace
Type: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
Heated: Electric
Model Number: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
Serial Number: CJ-4363
Max. Temperature: 1600-F
Voltage: 480V/3 Phase/60 Cycles/717 kW
Work Area: 72"W x 9"H x 24'L
External Dimensions: 9'W x 11'H x 56'L - Approximate
Controls: All temperature controllers, SCR's, power meters etc. are mounted in free standing panels separate from the furnaces.
Description: Electrically heated atmosphere annealing furnace with with cooling. There are three (3) zones of control in this furnace with roof mounted fans in zone 1 & 2. Furnace lining consist of 2000°F IFB and Kaowool.
Conveyor belt is supported by rollers on 16" centers and has a belt speed of 5.92 feet to 35.5 feet/hour.

Zone 1 - 312 kW

Zone 2 - 217 kW

Zone 3 - 65 kW

Total kW = 594 kW

Roll Diameter: 5-1/4"
Roll Thickness: 1/4"
Roll Material: HN
Belt Material: 314 SS
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
PDF Files: Furnace Assembly Drawing

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