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Atmosphere Belt Furnace

Item Number: 7038
Manufacturer: Abbott Furnace Company
Category: Belt Furnace
Type: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
Heated: Electric
Model Number: 4ZSCR-12-144PH-192HH4-132VC-2100
Serial Number: AB202-10941-CTC-0496 (04/1996)
Max. Temperature: 2150°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/300 kW
Work Area: 12"W x 3.75"H x 12'L pre-heat x 16'L high-heat
External Dimensions: footprint 9'w x 7'h x 85' long.
Controls: The controls are mounted in a free standing double door enclosure. There is a Honeywell digital controller and high-limit for each of the 4 hi-heat zones along with 3 amp meters per zone. A Honeywell digital multipoint strip chart recorder is also mounted in the panel. Each zone is controlled by an SCR and multi-tap transformer that regulate the voltage to the heating elements. The belt speed and the blower on the vari-cool are each controlled by a digital speed controller. The atmosphere control panel has various Nitrogen and Hydrogen flow-meters to control the atmosphere to the various furnace sections.
Description: This furnace has a 7 ft. long load table, a12 ft. long preheat section that is unheated, a 16 ft. long hiheat section, 4 ft. transition section, 11 ft. vari-cool section, followed by two 10 ft. long water cooled sections and a 7 ft. long unload table. The heated section is fiber lined and has silicon carbide heating elements over and under the ceramic muffle. There are 4 independently controlled zones, zones 1 & 2 are 65 KW and zones 3 & 4 are 85 KW each. The furnace belt is a heavy gauge alloy
wire mesh and the speed is variable up to 8 IPM. There is a spare set of new elements and a new vari-cool furnace section.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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