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Pit Steam

Item Number: 4781
Manufacturer: Leeds & Northrup
Category: Pit Furnace
Type: Pit Steam
Heated: Electric
Model Number: 09522-261CX
Serial Number: 77-48912-1-1
Max. Temperature: 1250°F
Voltage: 230/6/60/49 kW
Work Area: 22" Diameter x 26" Deep
External Dimensions: 6'6" x 8'2"H
Controls: The controls are mounted in a free standing panel with main disconnect switch. There is a
Honeywell digital controller, L&N analog high limit, strip chart recorder, and a process timer. Also control switches for the motors and control power. The motor starters and element contactors are mounted on the sub panel inside along with the necessary relays and fuses.
Description: Standard vertical steam pit furnace with manual operated cover. The coiled heating elements are mounted to a cylindrical rack that surrounds the work area. The circulating fan is located below the work support and circulates across the elements and down through the work load. A steam inlet port is located on the bottom and a pressure relief flapper on the cover. A cooling blower is mounted to the side for accelerated cooling.
Condition: Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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