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Atmosphere Roller Hearth Furnace

Item Number: 7199
Manufacturer: Wellman
Category: Roller Hearth Furnace
Type: Atmosphere Roller Hearth Furnace
Heated: Electric
Model Number: AL-81-180 RH
Serial Number: 180
Max. Temperature: 1650°F
Voltage: 460/3/60/469 kW
Work Area: 60"W x 14"H x 42'L
External Dimensions: SEE DESCRIPTION
Controls: Free Standing Control Panels with Watlow Digital Controllers ((1) Per Zone), Watlow High Limits, and SCR Power Controls.
Description: Brick Lined Atmosphere Capable Roller Hearth Furnace complete with (4) Zones of Control, Heating Elements above and below Rolls, Transformers, 25’ Slow Cool Chamber (Air Cooled with Fans), and Variable Speed Drive. Furnace was previously used for Motor Lamainations.

Overall Dimensions:

Entrance Chamber: 12’Wide x 14’ Long x 10’ 6” High
High Heat Chamber: 10’ 6” Wide x 30’ Long x 10’ 6” High
Cooling Zone: 12’ Wide x 27’ Long x 10’ 6” High
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Solon, OH.
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