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Solvent Rated Conveyor Oven

Item Number: 7143
Manufacturer: Jensen Industries
Category: Continuous Ovens
Type: Solvent Rated Conveyor Oven
Heated: Natural Gas - 1000 CFH
Model Number: Conveyor Oven
Serial Number: 6511
Max. Temperature: 500°F
Voltage: 480/3/60
Work Area: 18'W x 6"H x 10'L Heat x 4'L Cool
External Dimensions: 7'W x 10'1"H x 22'L
Controls: Mounted and wired in an enclosuure which is attached to the side of the oven includes the following: signal lights for overtemp, purging, heat on and ignition. There are pushbuttons for oven start/stop, cooling start/stop, conveyor start/stop and leak test. Temperature controls for temperature and overtemp consists of Eurotherm 2204 digital controllers. A Reliance SP 500 variable speed controller controls the conveyor speed. Conveyor speed is 5 to 25 I.P.M. There is a Protection Controls flame relay as a safety.
Description: This is a standard conveyor oven with a 1/2" x 1" flat wire belt. Oven is solvent rated (5.6 Gallons per Hour @ 450°F) and has a 4000 CFM powered exhauster mounted on top of the oven. Heated air is recirculated in a top down air flow pattern. The interior consists of Aluminized Steel with 4" of insulation. The conveyor belt returns inside oven to reduce heat loss. This oven has an Eclipse Air Heat Burner rated for 1 Million BTU's per hour. The forced cooling chamber is 48"L and has a powered exhauster. Oven is plumbed for water suppression. Oven has a total of six (6) access doors, 4 in the oven, 1 in the cooling section and 1 for the combustion chamber.
Condition: Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
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