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Dunk and Spray Washer

Item Number: 5316
Manufacturer: Holcroft
Category: Batch
Type: Dunk and Spray Washer
Heated: Electric
Model Number: GPWS 24-36-24
Serial Number: CJ-4504
Max. Temperature: UNKNOWN
Voltage: 480/3/60/50 Amps
Work Area: 24"W x 24"H x 36"L
External Dimensions: 96"W x 143"H x 124"L (91"L w/o Skimmer Attached)
Controls: Mounted and wired to the right hand side of the washer includes all necessary pushbuttons and signal lights. There is a dunk cycle timer and a spray cycle timer. A Honeywell UDC 2000 digital temperature controller controls wash temperature.
Description: Standard dunk & spray washer with four (4) Warren Electric immersion heaters. Spray nozzles are arranged over and all sides of the wash area. Load height is 51" from floor to top of rollers. Wheel centers are 14-1/2".
Condition: Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
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