Ammonia Dissociator

Item 7019

Sargeant & Wilbur
Ammonia Dissociator
Ammonia Dissociator
Model Number:
Serial Number:
Max. Temperature:
230/3/60/60 kW
Work Area:
3000 CFH
External Dimensions:
5'W x 6'H x 8'L
Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes the following:

- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator undertemp.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator overtemp.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator temperature control.
- Two(2)Yokogawa UT 350 digital controls for vaporizer lower/upper zone.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for vaporizer overtemp.
- All necessary signal lights, timers etc.

Mounted in the same control cabinet are three (3) SCR's. Two (2) "Halmar Robicon" and one (1) "Ametek". One is for dissociator heating elements and the other two are for vaporizer lower/upper zone heaters.
Electrically heated Ammonia Dissociator suitable for supplying up to 3000 CFH of atmosphere with a composition of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen. This atmosphere is obtained by cracking anhydrous ammonia vapor in a catalyst filled vessel maintained at a temperature of 1700°F to 1850°F.

Incoming ammonia pressure is reduced before retort entry. At the outlet of the retort the hot dissociated ammonia passes through a dry cooler where the gas is cooled to near room temperature. It then passes through a flowmeter and on to the consuming device. This dissociator includes a Sargeant & Wilbur Ammonia vaporizer.

This dissociator is provided with two (2)catalyst filled heat resisting alloy retorts. The retorts are mounted within the insulated dissociator heating chamber. The heating chamber consists of heavy Mullite T-Slot tiles. Retorts are heated with Sinuous-wound Nichrome Ribbon Heating elements which are mounted in the tile slots. The element tails and studs extend through the rear wall of the dissociator. Elements can be removed throught the rear wall without having to unpack furnace insulation etc. A step-down transformer (480V to 240V 112.5 KVA) is included. Manuals and drawings are also included.

Very Good
River Rouge, MI.
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