Belt Furnace

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Rogers Engineering
Belt Furnace
Cast Link Belt Quench and Temper
Natural Gas - 13,010 CFH Total
Model Number:
Cast Link Belt
Serial Number:
CC-3977-0 (1997)
Max. Temperature:
1750°F High Heat Furnace, 1700°F Temper/Anneal Furnace
480/3/60/200 kW
Work Area:
4000 Pounds/Hour
External Dimensions:
All mounted in a free standing panel includes Allen Bradley PLC w/HMI Touchscreen, Honeywell UDC Digital Temperature Controls, SSi Carbon Controls.
Hardening Furnace:

48"W Cast Link Belt, 4" pitch, 3" sides. Furnace has a 30'L heating section. Four (4) zones of control with three (3) roof mounted in the last three (3) zones. Maximum operating temperature of the hardening furnace is 1750°F. Furnace is radiant tube heated with recuperators. Furnace is currently set up for Endothermic w/Enriching Natural Gas & Air. Total BTU's for hardening furnace is 3,180,000 BTU/HR.

Tempering/Anneal Furnace:

60"W mesh belt with support rollers. Furnace has a 35'L heating section. Four (4) zones of control with four (4) roof mounted fans. Maximum operating temperature is 1700°F. Total BTU's for the tempering/annealing furnace 3,790,000 BTU/HR. Please note that this furnace has two (2) different modes of operation.

The sequence of this furnace is as follows:

- Load parts into pre-wash dump loader
- Pre-Wash, 190°F, Gas Heat
- Parts vibrate onto mesh (soft load) then onto cast link belt.
- High heat cycle
- Quench cycle, 200°F, Gas Heat, 8000 Gallon
- Wash cycle, 190°F, Gas Heat
- Temper cycle
- Oil blackening cycle


- 5600 CFH Air Cooled Endothermic Gas Generator
- SBS Air to Oil Heat Exchanger which consists of three (3) 5 H.P. fans.
- Manuals & Drawings

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Very Good
River Rouge, MI. - AS-IS, WHERE-IS
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