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Furnaces, Ovens & Baths, Inc. provides high quality used heat treating furnaces, ovens, induction heating, shot blast, industrial parts washers, dust collectors and metallurgical testing equipment.  We have been buying and selling used equipment for more than 30 years.  We keep our web site up to date daily, click on the links below for more details.  We buy/sell from many different industries and are expertise is  in the Heat Treating/Thermal Processing Industries

If you have any surplus equipment you would like to sell or consign, please contact Jeff Hynes at or 248.343.1421.  We are still adding our complete inventory to the new website. If you do not see something you are looking for, please contact us for your requirements.


Heat Treating Equipment

Batch Furnaces
Belt Furnace
Bottom Loading Furnace
Box Furnace
Carbottom Furnace
Heat Treating Furnaces
Induction Heating
Induction Melting
Internal Quench Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Nitriding Furnace
Pit Furnace
Pusher Furnace
Dropbottom Furnace
Rotary Hearth Furnace
Rotary Retort Furnace
Shaker Furnace
Sintering Furnaces
Temper Furnace
Tip Up Furnace
Used Furnaces
Used Heat Treating Furnaces
Vacuum Furnace


Atmosphere Generators

Ammonia Dissociator
Endothermic Generator
Exothermic Generator

Metallurgical Testing Equipment

Cut Off Saw
Hardness Tester
magnetic particle inspection equipment
Magnetic Particle Inspection/Magnaflux
metallurgical testing
Mounting Press
Salt Spray Testing

Shot Blast

Continuous Shot Blast
Table Blast

Shot Peening

Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collector
Bag House Dust Collector

Industrial Ovens

Batch Ovens
Walk-In Ovens
Burn Off Ovens
Cabinet Ovens
Continuous Ovens
Inert Gas Oven
Paint Baking Ovens
Paint Curing Ovens
Powder Coat Ovens
Sunbeam Ovens
Surplus Ovens
Used Ovens
Vacuum Ovens
Walk-In Ovens
Class A Ovens

Belt Washers
Conveyor Washers
Batch Washers
Rotary Washers