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Atmosphere Box Furnace

Item Number: 7249
Manufacturer: Williams Industrial Service
Category: Box Furnace
Type: Atmosphere Box Furnace
Heated: Natural Gas - 1.8 MBTU's
Model Number: 80x96x60 Radiant Tube Box Furnace
Serial Number: 18932
Max. Temperature: 1750°F
Voltage: 480/3/60
Work Area: 80"W x 60"H x 96"L
External Dimensions: SEE DESCRIPTION
Controls: Mounted & wired in a free standing enclosure includes a Honeywell digital controller/recorder, Eurotherm high limit. Mounted in the same enclosure includes "Fireye" flame safety. All necessary pushbuttons, signal lights, relays, motor starters etc. are included.
Description: Standard front loading box furnace with vertical lift air operated door. A water cooled roof mounted fan circulates the heated air for good temperature uniformity. There are twelve (12) vertical radiant tubes in this furnace, six (6) on each side. Each burner has spark ignition and there is a flame safety system for flame curtain. There is a Endo flowmeter to control atmosphere. Furnace also has a water cooled breast plate & a stationary powered loader for charging the furnace.

11'10"W x 12'5"H x 15'L - Furnace
7'W x 5'H x 11'L - Loader
11' x 10' x 5'H - Door/Misc.
5'W x 4'H x 10'L - Catwalks (2)
4' x 4' x 3'H - Blower/Fan (Box)
13'10" Overall Height
Condition: Excellent
Availability: Immediate
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