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Rotary Table Washer

Item Number: 7256
Manufacturer: Proceco
Category: Batch
Type: Rotary Table Washer
Heated: Electric/Steam
Model Number: HD 62-60-S-2000-CO-2-R-BO-SS
Serial Number: 96-224
Max. Temperature: N/A
Voltage: 460/3/60/39 Amps
Work Area: 62" Diameter x 60" High
External Dimensions: 8'W x 16'H (11'H shipping) x 13'L
Controls: Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes an Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC control with operator interface flush mounted to the door. There are three (3) digital temperature controllers, 1 for 1st stage, 1 for 2nd stage and 1 for blow-off stage.
Description: Standard Proceco "Typhoon" stainless steel rotary table washer with 2000 pound table capacity. This washer has a wash stage, rinse stage and electrically heated blow-off stage. Wash tank is 600 gallons, rinse tank is 295 gallons. 25 HP wash pump, 360 GPM, 40 psi. 7-1/2 HP rinse pump, 115 GPM, 60 psi. Manual and drawings are included with this washer.

Washer options include the following:

- Center Nozzle Pipe (CNP)
- Full Flow Filtration
- Exhaust Blower
- Oil Skimmer
- Fresh Water Rinse
- Oil Coalescer
- PLC Controls
- Stainless Steel Construction
Condition: Excellent
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
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