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Table Washer

Item Number: 7266
Manufacturer: Mart Corporation
Category: Batch
Type: Table Washer
Heated: Natural Gas
Model Number: Hurricane 84
Serial Number: H3013
Max. Temperature: 140°F - 180°F
Voltage: 480 3 Phase 60 HZ, 71 FLA
Work Area: 84" Diameter x 75"H
External Dimensions: 143" W x 139"H x 125"L - 16,000 pounds
Controls: Mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the left hand side of the washer includes
Description: Equipped with:

Thermal Insulated Skins
Rinse Pump for Hand Wand
Gas Heat
Oil Skimmer
Variable Pressure Switch Low-High
Rinse Pump Off-Auto
Turntable Off-On
Turntable Jog
24 Vee-Jet Wash Nozzles
Oscillating Manifold 4 Revolutions Per Minute
30 Minute Cycle Timer
55 HP Duplex Pumps 399 GP
Reservoir Capacity 967 Gallons
260 Gallon Sludge Capacity
Table Load Capacity 20,000 lbs.

Operating Temperature 140-180 Deg. F.

Initial Heat Up Time 45-60 Minutes
Gas Heat

Note: Unit is in very good condition. Table Bearings are good all maintenance up to date, recent items include, turntable drive replaced, as well as pump rebuild.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
FOB: River Rouge, MI.
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