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Mesh Belt Heat Treat Line

Item Number: 7323
Manufacturer: Thermal Basic, Inc
Category: Belt Furnace
Type: Mesh Belt Heat Treat Line
Heated: Natural Gas - 2,000,000 BTU's
Model Number: CMB-2420
Serial Number: 1290-1090
Max. Temperature: 1700°F/750°F Temper
Voltage: 460/3/60
Work Area: 24"W - 1500 Pounds/Hour
External Dimensions: 9'W x 10'H x 85'L - Approx
Controls: Mounted & wired in a free standing panel includes SSI control system with PLC and HMI interface.
Description: 24" wide mesh belt heat treat system to include loading system, hardening furnace, 1700 gallon heated quench tank, gas fired washer and 2 zone gas fired temper furnace. Hardening furnace has four (4) zones of control with four (4) roof mounted fans. There are four (4) "U" tubes mounted vertically in each zone for a total of sixteen (16) tubes in the roof and one (1) in discharge vestibule. Eclipse burners with bayonet type recuperators in the hardening furnace and Eclipse package type burners in the tempering furnace. Temper furnace is rated for 750°F and has two (2) zones of control. Quench tank has electric heating elements.
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
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