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New Arrivals

Item #: Manufacturer: Work Area: Type: Max. Temp.: Heated:
7311 Inducto-Heat 200 kW, 3/10 kHz Induction Heating w/Lift and Rotate N/A Electric
7309 I.H.E.I. Industrial Heat Enterprise International 36"W x 5"H x 12'L Conveyor Oven 500°F Natural Gas
7307 Pneu-Mech 72"W x 72"H x 120"L Walk-In Oven 500°F Natural Gas
7306 Precision Quincy 72"W x 96"H x 144"L Solvent Rated Walk-in Oven 500°F Natural Gas
7305 Precision Quincy 72"W x 96"H x 144"L Solvent Rated Walk-in Oven 500°F Natural Gas
7300 Surface Combustion 36"W x 30"H x 48"L Batch Tempering Furnace 1250°F Natural Gas
7293 Wisconsin Oven Corporation 36"W x 36"H x 96"L Batch Tempering Furnace 1000°F Natural Gas - 1 MBTU's/Hour
7292 Lepel 75 kW, 30 kHz Induction Heating N/A Electric
7290 C.I. Hayes 12"W x 12"H x 12'L Heat x 12'L Cooling Atmosphere Belt Furnace 2050°F Electric
7289 Advanced Vacuum Systems 24"W x 24"H x 48"L Vacuum Furnace 2400°F Electric
7286 Blue M 38"W x 25"H x 20"L Atmosphere Cabinet Oven 1100°F Electric
7285 Detrex 48"W x 15"H Continuous Belt Washer 160°F Wash, 200°F Dry-Off Natural Gas - 2500 CFH
5384 Blue M 21.5"W x 37.7"H x 20"L Clean Room Oven 50°C to 250°C (482°F) Electric
7284 Ionex 150 kW, 3 kHz, 260 Pound VIM Vacuum Induction Melting N/A Electric
7271 Abbott Furnace Company 36"W x 7"H x 14'L Conveyor Oven 600°F Natural Gas - 500,000 BTU's
7269 Dry Coolers 15 GPM Closed Loop Cooling System N/A N/A
7266 Mart Corporation 84" Diameter x 75"H Table Washer 140°F - 180°F Natural Gas
7262 Grieve 50"W x 50"H x 30"L Solvent Rated Cabinet Oven 1250°F Natural Gas - 400,000 BTU;s
7256 Proceco 62" Diameter x 60" High Rotary Table Washer N/A Electric/Steam
7249 Williams Industrial Service 80"W x 60"H x 96"L Atmosphere Box Furnace 1750°F Natural Gas - 1.8 MBTU's
7237 Ipsen 24"W x 18"H x 36"L Integral Quench Furnace 1850°F Natural Gas - 300,000 BTU's
7235 Huber 10'W x 8'H x 12'8"L Carbottom Furnace 1800°F Natural Gas
7226 Sauder/Abar Ipsen 24"W x 24"H x 36"L Integral Quench Furnace 1850°F Electric
7121 Ransohoff 30" Diameter Rotary Drum Washer N/A Natural Gas
7053 Trent 48"W x 54"H x 48"L Cabinet Oven 650°F Electric