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Cabinet Oven

Item Number: 5208
Manufacturer: Blue M
Category: Cabinet
Type: Cabinet Oven
Heated: Electric
Model Number: POM-5680F-3X
Serial Number: P32-230
Max. Temperature: 1300°F
Voltage: 240/3/60/6 kW
Work Area: 14"W x 14"H x 14"L
External Dimensions: 40" wide x 32" deep x 61" high
Controls: Controls are mounted in a slide out console located directly under the work area. There is a Watlow model 988 digital temperature controller and a Honeywell UDC 2000 digital high limit controller. New illuminated control switches are flush mounted in the console. Motor starter, fuses, relay, high limit contactor, Watlow solid state power controller are mounted to the console.
Description: Single door with a stainless steel compression gasket and a cam action latch for a good door seal. Stainless steel interior with 5 shelf brackets on 2" centers, 2 shelves are supplied with the oven. Coiled style heating elements and direct driven circulating fan are located under the floor pan. Heated air is circulated horizontally across the chamber for good uniform heating. An adjustable
fresh air inlet and exhaust vent with damper are located on the side of the oven.
*** Oven has been tested and is ready for immediate shipment.
Condition: Very Good - Tested
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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