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Cabinet Oven

Item Number: 7182
Manufacturer: Blue M
Category: Cabinet
Type: Cabinet Oven
Heated: Electric
Model Number: POM-256B-1
Serial Number: P14-3945
Max. Temperature: 650°F
Voltage: 280/1/60/25 Amps
Work Area: 25"W x 20"H x 20"L
External Dimensions: 46"W x 48"H x 30"L
Controls: Mounted and wired in a separate area under the heating chamber includes Blue M "Power-O-Matic dial type controls for temperature and high limit. Analog dial type temperature indicator, main power switch and power meter is mounted in the same area.
Description: This oven has a single swing door with dual cam action locks and silicon rubber door seal to prevent heat loss. Interior is stainless steel and has two (2)removal/adjustable shelves. This oven has an exhaust port and an adjustable fresh air intake mounted on the left hand side of the oven.
Condition: Very Good - Tested
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Clarkston, MI.
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