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Conveyor Oven - Indirect Fired w/Cooling

Item Number: 4594
Manufacturer: Industrial Heating & Finishing Company
Category: Continuous Ovens
Type: Conveyor Oven - Indirect Fired w/Cooling
Heated: Gas - 1.2 MBTU's
Model Number: N/A
Serial Number: 2559
Max. Temperature: 400°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/125 Amps
Work Area: 36"W x 7"H x 30'10"L
External Dimensions: 10' wide x 13' high x 45' long
Controls: Free standing enclosure with an Allen Bradley operator interface touchscreen and a Honeywell DR-4200 digital round chart recording controller. Note: Temperature indicator is missing. All functions of this oven are controlled through an Allen Bradley "SLC 503" programmable logic controller.
Description: Indirect gas fired conveyor oven with a flat wire belt. The oven interior is stainless steel. An "Exothermics" high temperature heat exchanger provides indirect heating of the work load preventing any combustion by-products from contaminating the product being heated. An Eclipse model 120-RAH burner with spark ignition and Honeywell flame safety fires into the heat exchanger.
There is a 15 H.P. hot gas recirculating fan, a 5 H.P. heat exchanger supply fan, a 2 H.P.combustion air blower and a 15 H.P. 12,000 CFM oven recirculating fan. There is a 8' long cooling tunnel with its own independent drive and conveyor. A high volume cooling blower and exhaust fan cool the product. Rated for use with some solvents.
Condition: 4780
Availability: Immediate
FOB: Enfield, CT.
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